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English Key Stage 3

‘Once you learn to read you will be forever free’ – Frederick Douglass

We pride ourselves in offering a variety within the key stage 3 English curriculum at Spalding High School. We give all pupils the opportunity to explore, experience and create all elements of the written and spoken form in order to maintain progress alongside an engaging curriculum, whilst aiming to cultivate an appreciation and love of language and literature.
What will I study?

Throughout key stage 3, we study Shakespeare, prose, poetry and media, as well as key writing and reading skills. All topics studied during key stage 3 mirror the elements needed at key stage 4 so that students are continuously developing the skills they need for their GCSEs and beyond, and in year 9 preparation begins in earnest with introductory modules.

How will I study?

At key stage 3, pupils have 5 lessons per fortnight; one of which in year 7 and 8 is a library lesson. Here, we guide students to independently follow a series of reading challenges, achieving awards along the way. Pupils will read for pleasure, as well as finding ways into using the valuable resource that is the school’s library.

Expect to be taught in a variety of ways to meet and challenge the needs of all learners and to be given the opportunity to explore, investigate and assess all elements of the English Language with increasing depth as you move through the school. Pupils will be equipped with the skills to do this in groups, on their own and to make the best use of new technologies.

How will I be monitored and assessed?

Units of work are assessed regularly by the teacher using classwork and homework. You will also have opportunities to assess and to reflect on your own and each other’s work. We then formalise the assessments by building key pieces into all units which are also standardised and levels are given to match the school’s assessment policy.

Targets are set on entry and progress towards targets is measured regularly. Intervention will be undertaken where necessary to provide support and additional stretch to pupils as necessary.

English - KS3 Much Ado About NothingEnglish - KS3 The Tempest