Exam Dates


Examinations in all three sciences during the school exam weeks.

Girls studying triple science will have a longer exam time than those taking double award.


Mock examinations in January.

Triple science students will have a 2 hour paper for each science.

Double award students will have a 1.5 hour paper in each subject.

Real examinations - Triple science will have two papers in each subject (2 hours and 1 hour) and double science will have one in each (2 hours each). 



Teaching of the course will strt in Year 9 in all threes sciences. This is to ensure that the full GCSE course is covered.

In both Y10 and Y11, there will be ten periods of science per fortnight, with biology, chemistry and physics being taught separately by specialist staff. Pupils will be set according to their ability, demonstrated by their performance in Key Stage 3. 

We currently complete the EDEXCEL level 2 certificate. Students will follow either double award science, leading to two GCSE grades or seperate sciences, which will lead to three separate GCSE grades in biology, chemistry and physics.

The specifications for the courses can be accessed on the EDEXCEL website using the following course codes -
Science (Double Award) - kSC0
Biology - kBI0
Chemistry - kCH0
Physics - kPH0

Assessment Objectives and weightings
In the examination, students will be tested on the following areas:

  AO1 Knowledge and understanding (45-50%)
  AO2  Application of knowledge and understanding, analysis and evaluation (27.5-32.5%)
  AO3  Experimental skills, analysis and evaluation of data and methods (20-25%)



Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics

Nutrition in Humans

Ecology and the Environment – Part 1

Nutrition in Humans (continued) and Respiration

Ecology and the Environment – Part 2

Gas Exchange in Humans

Ecology and the Environment – Alternative approach

Transport in Humans

Coordination and Response


Homeostasis and Excretion

Food Production and Selective Breeding

Human Reproduction

Genetic Modification and Cloning


Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics

Chemical Formulae and Equations


Crude Oil

Rates of Reaction


Energetics & Equilibria Physical Chemistry  4B, 4D & 5D

Oxygen and the Oxides


Ionic and Covalent Bonding

Acids & Alkalis


Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics


Force and Motion




GPE and KE

Nuclear Power


Charge (Triple only)

Magnetism Electromagnetism

Electric Circuits

Mains Electricity


Particles and Gas Laws

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Momentum (Triple Only)

Force and Motion