Total School Funding

2014-15   £57,738 (9.6% of students eligible).
2015-16   £59,130 (estimated allocation, 10.3% of students eligible)
2016/17   £66,910   (10.6% of students eligible)

Parents who are eligible, may make individual requests to the School for financial support. Please note, however, that it is the School, and not parents, who decide how the pupil premium should be spent. The funding will be used for generic projects, as well as to fulfil individual requests.

How we used the Pupil Premium 2016-17 (click links in BOLD)

• Provide Year 8 ICT resources for Key Stage 3 German
• Fund Key Stage 3 reading programmes
• Provide Year 7 SPAG Literacy Workbooks (17 pupils)
• Financial assistance with Food Technology resources
• Part funding of residential trips for Classics and History
• Funding for GCSE Maths textbooks
• Art resources and trips
• Science Department spending
• Extra-curricular involvement such as Duke of Edinburgh trips
• Renaissance Literacy Software to address Year 7 literacy issues (wider roll-out planned)
• GCSE Food Tech funding for ingredients to allow PPG pupils access the higher grades
• Continues financial assistance to buy uniforms, ICT resources, stationery, text books and revision guides
• Staffing: Continue to provide Year 8 Form Mentors and extra TA for literacy support
 • Continue to staff the library after the end of the School day to provide a quiet, supervised and well-resourced area for private study (ca. £37K)
• Inference Training within English department (reading for meaning) to support Year 7 & 8 initiative
• Technology Trips and contributions for materials
• Year 9 Funding for University Visits.