"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"
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Students' opinions


‘Spalding High School 6th form achieves a balance between encouraging academic success and offering a huge range of extra curricular activities.’

‘Being a house captain, I have been able to give back to the school.  This position of responsibility, along with many others including being a peer mentor, a prefect or a sport captain, to name but a few, help you to contribute to the life of the school in an incredibly positive way.’

‘My time at Spalding High School 6th form has prepared me well for university life.’

‘Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.’

‘Spalding High is such a fantastic place to be in day in and day out.  I’ve made amazing friendships here and the community spirit of the 6th form really is nice, and makes it feel like a family.’


Year 13 July 2015 Questionnaire

 What has been positive for you in your time in here as a Sixth form student?

1. Confidence boost since I left my old school

2. Improved time management skills and organisational skills

3. More dedicated student - “I feel prepared for university”

4. Confidence, being a Prefect and peer mentoring

5. AS results

6. China Expedition July 2014 and Gold DofE

7. Applying to university – help with personal statement and practice interview

8. Meeting new people at Young Enterprise

9. Taking part in the House Music Festival

10. “I was able to fit in really easily”

11. “Warm, welcoming atmosphere for newcomers”

12. “Teachers are willing to offer support and help anytime”

13. Three unconditional offers from universities

14. “My English teachers have been fantastic, my essay writing skills have greatly improved”

15. Being part of the Events Committee and organising the Christmas meal and Leavers’ Ball

16. Geography trip to Italy, Geneva Trip  and the summer fair

17. “My confidence has increased in all aspects; in my school work and socially. I feel like I have changed for the better during my time in the sixth form”

18. Volunteering at Southernwood House

19.  “I feel I have matured and become a more well-rounded individual over my time in SHS sixth form”

20. Art being displayed in the Mall Gallery, London

21. Biology coursework and PE is fun!

22. Always having support from my teachers, which has given me confidence, which is great preparation for university

23. UCAS was sorted out quickly and well; meaning quick replies from my universities

24. Home study has helped and better ways of spending time e.g. extra reading in frees

25. “I feel I have had academic and pastoral support when I have needed it, especially around exams. I like the open door policy teachers have”


Year 13 Feb 2016 Questionnaire

 What has been positive for you in your time in here as a Sixth form student?

  1. Support and advice given about UCAS and personal statements is great.
  2. Taking more of a leadership role, being Sports Captain for my house.
  3. I’ve made lots of new friends, I am more confident and I feel more independent.
  4. Coming from a new school, I found people to be very friendly.
  5. Non-contact periods / Peer mentoring / My subject teachers are excellent.
  6. Contributing to school through school council.
  7. Relaxed atmosphere of staff in lessons, easier and more comfortable environment to learn in.
  8. Support from staff who are always willing to give up their free periods and time.
  9. Being a prefect and being part of committees.
  10. Working towards target grades / Greater drive to do well / Use of silent study room.
  11. Emotional support from members of staff, I now have a better relationship and more respect from staff.
  12. Maths assessment and biology Olympiad.
  13. I feel better prepared for when I go to university.
  14. Small classes makes learning easier and more personal and student teacher relations better.
  15. Through language assistant sessions, I have grown more confident in speaking the languages I study.
  16. I have received sufficient support and resources.
  17. Support from staff / Managing my time / Encouragement to achieve academically.
  18. Raising lots of money for Children in Need and collecting food donations for AGAPE Care.
  19. I feel more comfortable about talking to teachers due to smaller class sizes.
  20. Discovering what I am interested in and finding out more.
  21. I have achieved good results in my AS levels.
  22. The opportunity to take part in activities inside and outside of school.
  23. Experiencing sixth form life and study.
  24. The support I have recede regarding my personal problems.
  25. Progress made in all my subjects.
  26. DofE and Young Enterprise.
  27. Becoming chairman of school council / Organisation of the summer fair.
  28. My time keeping has improved.
  29. Being Music Prefect and being on the events committee.
  30. HIV talk was interesting.
  31. Being able to stay another year to finish my A levels to a good standard.
  32. Teachers very supportive on results day.
  33. Free & study periods have allowed me to keep up to date with work and revision.
  34. Helpful music teachers, preparing me for auditions at conservatoires and really helped me perform to my full potential.
  35. Home study has really helped me as I learn better in my home environment.
  36. Support with laptop was very useful.