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Classics KS3

All pupils study Latin in Year 8.  During this first year of learning Latin they will meet Caecilius, a real Pompeian, and follow stories centering on his daily life and that of his household.  Lessons are balanced between language, grammar and Roman history.  Main themes are as follows: 

Autumn term:  Life and Work
                       Introduction to Latin and word derivations
                       Typical Pompeian house; structure and layout; Caecilius' family
                       Basic background about Pompeii, its location and layout
                       Hercules, Roman religion, Greek myths
                       Caecilius' business activities as well as some other forms of work and trade
                       The Forum, its importance and function

Spring term:    Entertainment
                       The Theatre
                       Life after Death

Summer term: Public services

In Year 9, students who continue with Latin will study:

Autumn term:  The eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii
                        Roman Britian

Spring term:    Alexandria
                       Multi-culturism in Ancient Egypt, religious beliefs

Summer term: Science and Medicine

Year 9 students currently studying Latin will have the opportunity to take a Level 1 certificate in the Latin language offered by the WJEC exam board.  This is a short course GCSE and the equivalent to a GCSE foundation paper.

Pupils will sit an external examination for Latin in May; there will be no internal examination result to go on their report.

The Level 1 certificate is seen as a stepping stone to the full GCSE HIGHER paper. It is graded from A* to C.
Please see the table below for its GCSE equivalences.  The results for this examination will be available on the GCSE results day. Pupils may come into School to pick up their results or may wait to receive their results on the first day of term.



 Grade Achieved

 GCSE Grade Equivalent

 Performance Points

 Level 1   




 Level 1




 Level 1




 Level 1