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Health and Social Care is taught by Mrs Clare Syer Health & Social Care GCSE

What do the pupils say.............


"Health and Social Care is full of new experiences and trying something new. You can learn about the society we live in and what makes us, us!" Lucy

"I am more aware of people and their feelings." Natalie

"If you want to work in the area of health or with people like nurses or social workers, this subject is a great starting point as you learn and understand factors that affect people." Georgia

"Health and Social Care has benefited me because I have learnt a lot about growth and development and the changes that people in certain lifestages undergo."


  Y10 Health and Social Care

  Health and Social Care - A and A


    Health and Social Care GCSE
                Single Award

Do you have good communication skills and think you  would enjoy working with people?

Where could this course take you?

This is an ideal stepping stone towards a BTEC National qualification in Health and Social Care.

What careers could this help you with?

This course could take you into any careers where you will be working with people, from caring for children to becoming a Personal Trainer, Teacher, Social Worker or Nurse.

Course Structure

Year 10

Unit 1 Understanding Personal Development and Relationships

This unit helps you to understand how people grow and develop from birth, right through to later adulthood, as well as the personal relationships people have during their lives. This knowledge will help you to understand others and may help you to understand yourself.

Assessment: Exam

A combination of multiple choice questions and short and long answers questions based on a case studies. 40%

Year 11

Unit 2 Exploring Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision

This unit is based on an investigation into the needs of one person and how their health or social care needs are provided for by formal or informal support. You will select a person either from the early years setting or later adulthood for your study and produce three pieces of course work.
• Case Study
• Information leaflet for the service user
• Produce a “Best Practice” booklet for two care providers

Assessment: Controlled Assessment 22.5hrs 60%

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