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Spring Fayre 11am - 2pm 28/04/2018

General - Spring Fayre Image 2018

GCSE Computer Science - Ofqual NEA Letter to parents and students 12/01/2018

After the consultation, Ofqual have released their decision and a letter to parents and students explaining the results.

Click Here for Letter to Parents and Students

“Bring A Tin” Day 2017 08/12/2017

General - Bring A Tin 2017
“This is our fourth annual “Bring a Tin” day in support of the Agape Care foodbank appeal and I am yet again humbled and so, so proud of our school for their commitment to this important local charity.  Today our students, parents and staff have donated over 1600 items of food to our appeal; the highest number of donations to date.  This means that in the last four years we have donated over 5000 items which enable Agape to help people within Spalding and the surrounds.  We know that today we have had a significant and positive impact within our local community and are glad to have made such a contribution and I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have donated. Thank you ever so much for your generosity.”

SIMS InTouch 19/07/2017

Please click here to see InTouch letter

Sixth Form Bridging Packs 23/06/2017

Please click here for the Sixth Form Bridging packs

Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum 23/02/2017

Clck here for events on 15th March 2017.

School & teacher win at Education Awards ceremony 11/11/2016

Read the reaction to the win in the Education Awards.

Message from Chair of Governors 31/10/2016

To all members of our School community,

As you are aware the Governors of Spalding High School have undertaken a formal consultation in recent months to consider whether we should convert to an academy.  I would like to thank the students, parents, staff and stakeholders who have participated and shared their views on this matter with us.  This week the Governing Body voted unanimously to continue with the process of conversion to an academy.  No significant objections have been raised during our consultations.  We are at the start of a long journey, but rest assured, our prime objective remains to protect and preserve the ethos of our very special school.  After half term we will begin our formal discussions with the Local Authority, Regional Schools’ Commissioner and the Department For Education.  We will, of course, keep you informed of our progress.



Chair of SHS Board of Governors

100% Pass rate at A Level 27/08/2016

A level students achieved a 100% pass rate.  Click on the link below for Lincolnshire County Council comment on the results and see a short video of our students.

Wanted - Used & nearly new uniform 23/05/2016

Used and nearly new uniform – an urgent plea – help us to raise money and save you money too!

We know that children can grow very quickly, especially when they reach their teenage years and this can mean that items of school uniform and equipment can have a short life span!

Every year we raise approximately £1000 by selling used and nearly new items of school uniform that your daughters have outgrown.  The Sixth Form committee do a fantastic job of collecting items, laundering and re-selling them at the new Year 7 intake evening.  The money is kept within the School Charitable Fund and used for projects to support your child’s learning.

However, this is an area that we feel can really develop further and in doing so not only earn money for more school based projects but also to save parents money and increase recycling too.  The long term goal is to have an “electronic shop” via our website where parents of children in any year group can see the nearly new and used (but still in very good condition) items of school uniform and PE kit that are for sale.  In the shorter term we need to significantly increase our stock of used uniform and as such are making a plea for you to send in any of the following items:
• Art and science coats – one would expect these to have some signs of wear due to the nature of their use – but if your daughter has outgrown them or is no longer taking Art in KS4, please send them in.
• Food technology baskets – if your daughter is no longer taking Food & Nutrition in KS4.
• Any item of PE kit, school skirts (old and new style), white shirts (Hills or any other brand are fine), school ties & school jumpers. 

As a parent, we should look at the used item and think to ourselves; it is still in good condition, it is too good to throw away and someone else will be able to get a good level of use out of it.

The summer is traditionally the time that Year 9 will have picked their subjects and know whether they need their Art overalls or food technology baskets; Year 11 will have sat their exams and no longer need any of their items of school uniform and as parents, we get ready to buy new items for the new academic year.  PLEASE; send in the items that you would otherwise throw away or leave in the back of the cupboard so that we can start to make better use of it.

All items should be delivered to the school reception over the next few weeks and again in September.  From the end of Term 6 and in time for the new academic year (once we have sorted out the stock) we will post a listing on the school website.  If there is anything parents would like to buy they should contact the school reception who will make arrangements for you to collect the item(s).  Hopefully this project will become very successful and we will be able to develop our “electronic shop” during the next academic year.

Home Computer recommendations for Computing 01/02/2016

Link to Recommendations

New Scholastic Book Club 08/01/2016

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to to browse the latest books and order online.

For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 20p in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by January 28th, 2016.

How to: Pages - Save as a Word Doc 24/11/2015

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