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Giving the school community a voice. SCHOOL COUNCIL

How the School Council works



What are the skills needed by a School Council representative?

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               Remembrance garden


The School Council: Giving the school community a voice.

Our School Council is well established throughout the school and is an important aspect of school life which ensures that pupils have a say in exactly what matters to them the most.


1. To provide a forum for the exchange of views between pupils and staff on issues relevant to day-to-day life in school.

2. To provide the opportunity for students to initiate discussion in such issues and take action on related projects.

3. To provide an opportunity of the management/staff to seek feedback on such issues.

4. To promote mutual understanding among members of our community.

Our School Council is made up of one representative from each form in Years 7 – 13, each form elects their own form representative. There are also 3 staff representatives, 3 Head students, 3 Year Heads and an Assistant Head on the Whole School Council. 

Here are some of the things the Council has achieved:

a Year 11 yearbook,
fundraising and design for a remembrance garden,

designed a commemorative mug,

created a school newspaper,
Friday study period, 

study room for 6th form,
gained greater access to computers for private study,
reviewed homework schedule and amount set,
refurbished school toilets,
more choice in the canteen,
coffee & cakes available for Y11-13 in ‘free’ lessons,
work on cyber bullying,
raising the profile of the house system & the school council,
more access to the fitness suite,
new clubs – Drama & cheerleading,
sub-committees formed to work on a school magazine, healthy eating & the canteen.