"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"

Expectations & Standards in PE Lessons

Maintaining High Standards in Physical Education Lessons.

  1. Be prompt to lessons and change quickly.
  2. All items of your PE kit should be named.  The school cannot be held  responsible for lost items, although we always do our best to return named kit that is handed in.
  3. Correct kit is to be worn for lessons and extra-curricular activities.
  4. Coloured shirts are not to be worn to normal lessons – white shirts only.
  5. For hygiene reasons, do not wear your school jumper during lessons or tights.
  6. Hair must be tied back off your face if it in any way obstructs your vision.
  7. Proper sports shoes should be worn and must be fastened securely.
  8. Any equipment or kit that is borrowed should be treated with respect and returned at the end of the lesson to the correct place.
  9. ALL jewellery to be removed.  It has made it very clear in a number of newsletters that earrings should be removed and it is therefore not appropriate to get ears pierced during term time.
  10. Valuables (including jewellery, wallets and phones) should be left in lockers before the lesson.  The changing rooms are not locked during lessons.
  11. If you need to be excused from a lesson you must bring a note from your parent/guardians.
  12. All excused students should change into their full kit.  Even with a note you will be expected to join in with the lesson in the capacity of coach, official or performer.
  13. School rewards and sanctions are followed.  Detentions will be issued for failure to bring equipment which results in you not being able to participate in the lesson.
  14. Poor behaviour at any point during the lesson (including in the changing rooms) will not be tolerated.
  15. Please report any unpleasant behaviour that may occur in the changing rooms to a member of staff IMMEDIATELY.