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Foreign Language Leader Award

The Language Leader award is a scheme where Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication and language skills by teaching either French or German to younger pupils.

It is a great opportunity for Year 10 students to gain teaching experience and to demonstrate a range of skills which will be valuable in future study and careers.

The Foreign Language Leader Award teaches young people how to lead others through basic languages activities (for example teaching the colours or days of the week) by working to develop their communication, organisation and motivation skills.  Learners of all abilities gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction and confidence from sharing what they know with others.  It is also known that we retain the knowledge that we teach actively to others far more effectively than that which we take on board in a more passive way.

What skills can be gained from completing the award?

• Communication and leadership skills
• A better understanding of the role of the teacher
• Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
• Improved evaluative and analytical skills
• Increased personal attainment in a foreign language
• Experience of working with primary school children
• Purpose and context for their language skills
• A better understanding of themselves as learners

How do students achieve the award?

• Attend weekly sessions (1 lunch time per week)
• Teach a total of one hour
• Promote languages within school (e.g. European day of languages)

Units Overview

• Unit 1 - Planning, preparing and assisting a simple foreign language activity
• Unit 2 - Communication and motivation skills for leading a foreign language activity
• Unit 3 - Cultural understanding of the chosen country
• Unit 4 - Compendium of foreign language games and activities
• Unit 5 - Organising and running a foreign language event
• Unit 6 - Demonstration of leadership skills in foreign language