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French is taught from years 7 to 13 and is taught by specialist teachers using a variety of approaches including ICT. 

Students practise the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing as these are all assessed both at end of unit tests at KS3 and also at GCSE and A levels.

Students have access to the Learning Resources section of the intranet in school where they can find support and materials such as learning mats, Task Magic files and past examination papers already downloaded.

We encourage all students to make use of these free resources and hope that you will see the benefits they provide.

Task Magic

Over the last few years the French Department has been using software called Task Magic.  This software has been used regularly in lessons and has been of great help particularly for vocabulary learning.  The company, who created this software, has made a “Home Use Only” version available on their website.  This “Home Use Only” version is FREE OF CHARGE. We are encouraging our students to download this “Home Use Only” version on their computers at home so that they can practise vocabulary and improve their independent learning. 

In order to do this you need to go to the TaskMagic website Look at the icons on the home page.

Find the Downloads tab, click on it and find the “Student Home Use Only” version.
Click on it.

Then click on: Download TMPlay3Home

Then click on run.

This should install the software on your computer.
In addition to the software, the French department has also produced various activities for students to use at home.  In order to access these, your daughter needs to copy the file on a memory stick from the Learning Resources folder in school