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Due to the changes by Government, 2016 is the last time that AS/A Level ICT will be run.
2017 BTEC Information Technology
Pearson BTEC Extended Certificate in Information Technology
This qualification is designed for learners who are interested in an introduction to the study of creating IT systems to manage and share information, alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in IT.

Learners will develop a common core of IT knowledge and study areas such as the relationship between hardware and software that form an IT system, managing and processing data to support business and using IT to communicate and share information.

4 Units – 3 Mandatory / 1 Optional
 - U1 Information Technology Systems (Exam)
 - U2 Creating Systems to Manage Information
 - U3 Using Social Media in Business
 - U4 Data Modelling (Spreadsheets) OR Website Development

The new BTEC is the equivalent to 1 full A Level option choice and holds full UCAS points.
ICT and Business - BTECIT
2016 AS/A Level ICT
During the AS year students will cover the following range of topics: 
 - An ICT System and its Components
 - Data & Information
 - People and ICT Systems
 - Transfer of Data in ICT Systems
 - Safety and Security of ICT Systems
 - Backup and Recovery
 - What ICT can provide
 - Factors affecting the use of ICT
 - The consequences of the use of ICT
They will also complete a practical project that will be used as the basis of 1 of the exams.
ICT and Business - AS/A Level ICT
AS Level Specifics
Unit 1: Practical Problem Solving in the Digital World Topic
Unit 2: Living in the Digital World
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A2 Level Specifics
Unit 3: The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Unit 4: Coursework: Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World
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